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From Nicolas Gauthier <>
Subject Root web-app setting.
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2000 16:55:57 GMT

I have been using Jrun for a while now, and I am excitedly moving on to Tomcat.

I have a little problem which I could not solve looking at the archives.
My problem is the following:

I have configured the docbase in  server.xml to point somewhere (say  ${APP_HOME})

I also use
 <LocationMatch */servlet/*>
     SetHandler jserv-servlet

to set up the servlet handler.

My application works fine when I put all the classes and servlets under ${TOMCAT_HOME}/classes,
but not if I put them under ${APP_HOME}/Web-inf

I can understand this since no Context has been defined for my application: I do NOT want
to have to create one.

So the question is, where and how do I set up the base servlets and classes classpath for
Tomcat, just as I did set  up the docbase for jsp  in server.xml ??

Thanks for any help on this topic,


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