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From Steve Ruby <>
Subject Re: ISAPI Redirector
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2000 21:12:14 GMT
> I'm trying to get IIS and Tomcat to cooperate with no success.  It works
> fine on port 8080 by itself but the ISAPI.DLL redirector won't load.  It
> always has a red arrow beside it.  I've read over all the archived posts on
> the mailing list.  I've also rechecked the registry listings and followed
> the how-to exactly created all the virtual directories etc.  Any more ideas?

If you are still having problems try turning on the isapi log to debug
(says how in the how-to). Read the log, see what it says.

The problem I had was with the ajp13 worker, I don't understand what
is supposed to be serving ajp13 so I turned it off..

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