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From "Ramesh Kumar.T" <>
Subject Re: Pre-Compilation!!!!URGENT
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2000 22:12:11 GMT
Hi ,
Thanks i was able to generate the web.xml file but it didn't work
this is how i accessed

this is the mapping for jsp pages

this is the mapping for servlets

it works when i give the url as
the page gets loaded


Danno Ferrin wrote:

> First off, more than two explanation points are excessive.
> Yes, JspC only creates the Java files right now.  And the java files are
> the servlet equivalent of the Jsp Page.  The name of the page doesn't
> matter, but they are servlets and not Jsp Pages.  Once you compile the
> classes you need to install them as servlets.  However, there are two
> options that may help, "-webinc <file>" and "-webxml <file>"  Both of
> these make the needed elements to map the JSP names into servlets and a
> URL servlet mapping of the old JSP page name, so the url says
> /foo/bar.jsp but the servlet is called.  -webinc makes a set of
> elements suitable for inclusion into a web.xml file, while -webxml makes
> the entire web.xml file including needed header and DTD information.
> "Ramesh Kumar.T" wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> > we want to precompile the jsp files
> > but jspc just generates the java files
> >
> > I am not sure whether compiling the java code generated and bundling
> > with tomcat will work???
> > because dynamically generated class files have some odd names like
> > "_0002fjsp_0002ffilename........class"
> >
> > i just verified the old archives of the mailing list but it was a bit
> > vague
> > Can somebody explain it ????
> >
> > Reply asap
> >
> > bye
> > Ramesh

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