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From Danno Ferrin <>
Subject Re: Pre-Compilation!!!!URGENT
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2000 15:41:20 GMT
First off, more than two explanation points are excessive.

Yes, JspC only creates the Java files right now.  And the java files are
the servlet equivalent of the Jsp Page.  The name of the page doesn't
matter, but they are servlets and not Jsp Pages.  Once you compile the
classes you need to install them as servlets.  However, there are two
options that may help, "-webinc <file>" and "-webxml <file>"  Both of
these make the needed elements to map the JSP names into servlets and a
URL servlet mapping of the old JSP page name, so the url says
/foo/bar.jsp but the servlet is called.  -webinc makes a set of
elements suitable for inclusion into a web.xml file, while -webxml makes
the entire web.xml file including needed header and DTD information.

"Ramesh Kumar.T" wrote:
> Hi,
> we want to precompile the jsp files
> but jspc just generates the java files
> I am not sure whether compiling the java code generated and bundling
> with tomcat will work???
> because dynamically generated class files have some odd names like
> "_0002fjsp_0002ffilename........class"
> i just verified the old archives of the mailing list but it was a bit
> vague
> Can somebody explain it ????
> Reply asap
> bye
> Ramesh

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