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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Class Loadting in WEB-INF/lib not working?
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2000 19:59:57 GMT
Michael Dowling wrote:

> Hey all --
> I deployed a WAR file to tomcat's webapps dir, and configured server.xml to
> point to that war.  Tomcat starts up, expands the war file, and (most) pages
> work.
> However, one of the pages uses a SettingsData class.  When I access that
> page, I get a NoCLassDefFound exception for
> com/eacumen/acupower/setting/SettingsData.

I have seen cases where NoClassDefFound (as opposed to ClassNotFoundException)
is thrown when a class *referred to* by the named class, rather than the named
class itself, was not available.  For example, if you have an instance variable
of class Foo in your SettingsData class, and the Foo class was not available,
you would get this error.  Same thing would happen if SettingsData implemented
an interface, but the interface's .class file was missing.  Could something like
that be the case here?

Craig McClanahan

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