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From Tom Birchmire <>
Subject Re: Build concepts
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2000 19:24:31 GMT
If you haven't downloaded jakarta-ant already, you should do this to get
the binaries at least so that the build will run.  jakarta-ant also has
documentation about and build.xml
Basically,  with RH6.2 you execute   with command   "sh  all "
where all is a command to the build.xml routine and it reads the build.xml
file.  There are other commands as well listed in the documentation.
Remember to modify the application name in the build.xml file or you will
keep on creating the sample application.
I don't know if the errors in tomcat3.1 sample have been corrected so I'll
attatch a previous messsage of mine.
Yes success at last; the build for sample works for all tasks and tomcat
finds hello.jsp and hello correctly.

I had to:
A.  Put terminating  />  on the <property ...   />  (my own error ??)
B.  Add CP=$CP:/usr/local/jdk1.2.2/lib/tools.jar   to the end of the
build file CP ...  This was pointed out and I did so but the CLASSPATH
being referred to was in the build file and not the one in my profile
initialization file where I set some things like PATH, TOMCAT_HOME, and
C.   Remove the space after  the backward  \  as the remainder  of the
command fell into dead-bytes.  (possibly my own error)
D.  Add -logfile -verbose to ant call so I could follow along..
E.  Figure out just what ant was trying to do.. I did so by making lots
of errors and then re-reading the Docs and the message board.

The build file now looks like:

# build -- Build Script for the "Hello, World" Application
# $Id: build,v 1.2 2000/04/04 22:01:13 craigmcc Exp $
#  -Dtomcat.home=$TOMCAT_HOME
# Identify the custom class path components we need

echo  CP=
echo $CP
echo  ....
# Execute ANT to perform the requested build target
java -classpath $CP:$CLASSPATH \
 -verbose -logfile applog -Dtomcat.home=$TOMCAT_HOME "$@"

One final NOTE  Some other posters have suggested putting the various
messages in some easier to use format.  I agree - some sort of HTML
based system would be nice to browse or search for keywords.

Now on to some serious   .jsp stuff.

Regards, Tom Birchmire

Ravindra Wankar wrote:

> Can someone point me to documentation about how to build applications?
> Currently I'm using Tomcat 3.1 with Apache 1.3.12 on RH 6.2
> I have duplicated the examples directory from the distribution where
> I do all my development. Everything works fine.
> Q) What does "building" my application do?
> Q) How do I "build" my application?
> Q) What is the destination for my build?
> Q) How do I setup the build configuration (I've seen some build.xml file
> but am not sure what to do with it).

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