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From Christian Sell <>
Subject load-on-startup error
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2000 13:54:39 GMT
when not specifying a value for the load-on-startup parameter as in:


Tomcat throws a NumberFormatException upon parsing the deploymant
descriptor. However, the Servlet Spec 2.2 says this in chapter 13 (note
*optional content* and *if no value is specified* parts):

The load-on-startup element indicates that this servlet should be loaded
the startup of the web application. The optional contents of these
must be a positive integer indicating the order in which the servlet
be loaded. Lower integers are loaded before higher integers. If no value
specified, or if the value specified is not a positive integer, the
container is free to load it at any time in the startup sequence.

<!ELEMENT load-on-startup (#PCDATA)>

regards, Christian Sell

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