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From mike niemaz <>
Subject Re: Apache & Tomcat cooperation
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2000 07:53:19 GMT
"Rob S." wrote:

> > THis is exactly what I'm trying to do: Make Tomcat & Apache cooperate.
> > My goal is simple to do JSP/servlets techno on my Apache server.
> > Any clue why it is not working or I should why  I can not use it?
> I need some more information to be able to help =)  What *exactly* do you
> want to have happen?  E.g.  "I want all requests to
> sent to the "mikeApp" context in
> Tomcat."  Taking that question into account, what have you added to your
> httpd.conf file?  What does your server.xml look like?
> Needs lots more info...

For the moment, I just would like to run the JSP & servlets Tomcat examples.

These ones work fine when I run TomCat in standalone mode but not when I
try in cooperative mode with Apache.
So I haven't modified any conf files such as server.xml, a part from the
one (httpd.conf) in which I included a link towards tomcat.conf file.
I must precise that i succesfully installed

BUT before that testing phase, I'm not sure whether I should still launch
before Apache or not since when I do, the Apache server do not launch,
it works fine when launched alone ...

What I was expected is to be able to run the TomCat examples through Apache,

just as well as through TomCat.

I don't know if I make myself clear enough ...



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