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From Maurizio Calcara <>
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2000 08:24:03 GMT
Hi Ed, hi Rob,
Thank's for your support. Now it is clear how I have to use the and, finally,  it is *WORKING* fine.   I think it was
working before too, but I didin't use it correclty.  :-)
Thank you again.

Ed wrote:

> The mistake is the http://localhost:8007 bit.  You don't talk to the
> tomcat servlet engine directly, you must go through a web server.  In
> stand alone mode, Tomcat creates it's own web-server which you must go
> through (by default it is 8080), however when you combine it with
> apache, you MUST go through the apache webserver process - you have no
> choice (unless of course you grab the ajpv12 protocol code and write
> your own client...) I apologise if the following is a little
> patronising, but here goes :)Example of calling the SnoopServletThe
> URL would be The tomcat
> apache config file instructs apache that any request to the servlet
> directory is to be passed to tomcat via the ajpv12 protocol so it can
> process the request instead - this is completely transparent to the
> calling client browser - as apache itself cannot serve Servlets
> directly. A similar case is for the jsp files.A url to a jsp page
> could be The tomcat apache conf
> file instructs apache that any url with file extension .jsp is to be
> sent to tomcat for serving, again using the ajpv12 protocol. So, what
> I'm saying here is that tomcat, when combined with another web server,
> is a little server for use purely for the web-server to handle
> requests that the web-server can't deal with personally. I hope this
> helps :)


dr. Maurizio Calcara

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