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From Eduardo Pelegri--Llopart <>
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2000 17:32:07 GMT
This is a common and wide question and there have been many threads in
JSP-interest on this. I  saw the references to turbine and cocoon but I
do not know if the additional pointers listed below were given too.  If

* You may want to check the struts project @ jakarta.  Explicit
separation, following the "model 2" approach, is their goal.

* Danny and I outlined a number of ways of combining JSPs, Servlets, and
XML in the "web layer" at our presentation at JavaOne.  Slides are at

You may have to remove the line breaks introduced by the mailer.  The
actual presentations had some discussion of the benefits of each
approach, but they are not captured in the slides.  You could get the
tapes [[for some reason, although this presentation was in the top-3, it
was not listed in the webcasts; I guess because we are not photogenic
enough :-)]].  We are also writing a white paper that provides some more
specific advice for some given situations, but I don't have a specific
date right now.

* In a specific case I was recently looking at, the data to present
included some XML streams (their source was not important - they were a
given).  There were two clients: an HTML browser client, and a WAP
client.  The approach we discussed was based on the experience of the team, with a few extensions.

-- Two set of JSP pages, one for the browser client, another for the WAP

-- These two sets of pages share the same set of abstractions, either
JavaBeans or custom actions in a tag library.

-- The abstractions used by these pages can process XML data coming from
some XML sources.

We are likely to do something to help these abstractions in the taglibs
project (@ jakarta).

Hope this helps some.

	- eduard/o

Martin Robinson wrote:
> I believe this is the purpose behind turbine and template languages such as
> webmacro.
> have a look at these. It certainly beats 're-inventing the wheel'
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> From: "Robert Balahura" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2000 8:10 PM
> > > Hi could anyone share their strategies for separating content from
> > > presentation ie. so a separate content provider can easily provide
> content
> > > like XML files and presentation designers can easily focus on
> presentation
> > > like HTML files.  What are the techniques using JSPs and servlets?
> >
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