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From Maurizio Calcara <>
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2000 15:32:52 GMT
    Hi Ed,
thank's for your help.
Yes, I use  "ajp12"  inside the "tomcat-apache.conf" file,  that I have
copied into the /etc/http/conf dir. I have modified inside this
configuration file only the path to the (in the file
generated by tomcat there was "libexec/", I have the modules
inside the "modules" dir.  "/etc/httpd/modules", as a standard RedHat
6.1 installation), by writing "modules/" instead

No errors appear during the startup phase. When I type into the Netscape
location box "http://localhost:8007" the error "HANDLER THREAD PROBLEM:
..." appears on the console.
Where is the mistake?
Have you copied the into the /etc/httpd/modules (that is a
link /usr/lib/apache/) dir ?


Ed wrote:

>  Ok, I've read your original problem again and I need a bit more
> clarification.Where exactly are you typing in this URL to the ajpv12?
> If you are in fact typing the ajpv12://localhost directly into the
> netscape URL thingy then it will completely fail as it is not a
> standard internet protocol like http, ftp or gopher.  This ajpv12
> thing should only appear inside your configuration script(s).  The
> tomcat-apache.conf file *can* contain this protocol specifier if you
> are attempting to connect to a tomcat server other than the one that
> is on the local host (or using a different port).  Normally the
> default tomcat-apache.conf file that should be included in the main
> http.conf will work (apart from checking the that the location to the
> mod_jserv library is correct). Personally, I installed apache 3.1.12,
> tomcat, tomcat source and apache development packages onto my RedHat
> 6.2 box.  After compiling the with apxs (instructions in
> the user guide), copying the tomcat-apache.conf into /etc/httpd/conf
> directory, including it in the http.conf file, altering
> tomcat-apache.conf so that it had the correct path to and
> finally starting up the servers it just ran fine.  I modified nothing
> else.


dr. Maurizio Calcara

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