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From "Loren Kohl" <>
Subject Weird Java plugin & Tomcat problem
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2000 17:40:33 GMT
I have a servlet to handle JApplet requests.  The invocation takes place as

1. From web browser request the servlet (via GET) with JApplet name as
2. The servlet runs, looks up the name of the .jsp file containing the
<OBJECT> tag for the JApplet and forwards the request to that address.
3. Tomcat processes the .jsp file and returns the HTML to the browser.
4. The Java plugin requests the JApplet class which is returned and begins
executing the init() method.
5. In the init() method the servlet is invoked three times to retrieve data
(via POST).  

-- there is no error to this point --

6. The plugin is about to display the JApplet and throws a "class not found"
exception on the JApplet class -- the very class it has been running!

The client side error is:

load: class not found.

Is it ok for the plugin to prepend el/sharperimage/applets (a shortcut to
the application directory on the server)?

The server side error (in tomcat.log):

Error reading request Connection reset by peer: Connection reset by peer.

This process works fine on my development machine even though the server is
on another machine (maybe it's picking up a local file?).

I've attached the .jsp file.


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