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From Thom May <>
Subject Re: BindException Error
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2000 16:28:40 GMT

> Error: Address in Use. The same server/xml however runs on other machine,
did you look in the archives? this comes up almost daily. It
means something else is using port 80. like a web server. like
apache, or IIS. not sure, as you didn't mention, or i didn't see
you mention, which platform. or which ver of the jdk. or tomcat.
etc... you are using. try and include some more details next
time please.
but, the quick fix is. turn off the currently running weserver.
try again. watch tomcat run in all its majesty. 
Thomas May
	Sys Admin, AMX Communications
(T) +44 (0)20 7440 3955
(F) +44 (0)20 7613 5333

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