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From Tommy Taylor <>
Subject Getting Tomcat to start before Apache
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2000 00:21:08 GMT

I've searched for a few days and thought I could get
pointed in the right direction here.

I have both Apache and Tomcat installed and both are
running fine when I manually start Tomcat before I
start Apache. 

Is there any documentation that any of you know of
has what I need to do to get Tomcat to startup before
apache on boot.

I'm using RH6.1, Apache 1.3.9, Tomcat3.x

I know i have to add an init.d file and link it to the
rc3.d but when the file I add isn't working it is
asking to set TOMCAT_HOME but when I do, it then
doesn't for some reason see file. Which is
really weird because i'm calling the file
and that is in the same directory.

If someone has created an init.d file and has posted
please send me the URL.  If not then I'll keep hacking
The install otherwise went smooth, since i did use
this list for those other problems...   :-)

Thanx for any help...  Happy JSP'ing... ha ha ha

Tommy Taylor          | In the eyes of others,| be a mirror to yourself

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