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From D.Yutzy <>
Subject RE: RELOAD!!! not working
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2000 02:54:11 GMT
> 1) Either your WEB-INF/classes or /lib path(s) is/are in the CLASSPATH.
> 2) Neither is in CLASSPATH, but the class exists somewhere else in your
As I said in my previous post, the notion that this is the root of the 
problem is not correct.  I've tried at least 2 other products with the 
EXACT same CLASSPATH (Resin and Jrun) and they work fine with Apache.  I 
couldn't get *ANY* to work with IIS v5.0, but that's another issue 8).

As I stated before, I am new to Tomcat and trying out various products to 
use within our company, and my developers are (as another poster said it) 
PO'd that I have to take Tomcat down every time they compile a new .java 
file.  Since the issue isn't unique to me and the solution not readily 
available, I can't really say I've had adequate exposure to fully 
evaluate Tomcat.

> > Otherwise, I'll have to go with another product....
> <Rant disposition="mildly agitated">
> If you have a question, I'll gladly answer it, but you'll pardon me if I
> don't like the tone of the afore-quoted line which closed your email.  
> isn't the customer service department of your local Jiffy Lube.  With 
> sort of tone, no one will be in a great hurry to respond to your email.  
> answer questions like yours in my free time, because I don't have the 
> (and maybe skill?) to actively contribute to the codebase.  For myself, 
> only way I can see to promote this freeware container is to help the 
> who want to use it.  So please, next time just post a question and not a
> minor threat.
I appreciate your time and efforts in posting a response.  I didn't wish 
to imply anything, but when I am looking for alternatives to M$, I don't 
really have the time to look at server source code to figure out why 
something doesn't work as stated.  

Our company deals with medium to small companies looking to implement low 
cost intranet solutions.  When I'm evaluating several products, I cannot 
afford to spend hours trying to get something to work, let alone 
recommending it to a client when I cannot even get it to work myself.  If 
it says to "X, Y, and Z" in the instructions and I do that in the correct 
order, it should work with little headache.  

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