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From "Darren Pettis" <>
Subject Deployment...
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2000 16:34:40 GMT
Hi all,

I have been a jakarta user for a while and still don't understand how to do 
a proper deployment setup.  I have installed applications with multiple 
files/servlets/beans and gotten them to work fine outside the context of 
what the Servlet 2.2 spec says.

I understand where files go (WEB_INF, classes, etc), but I can't seem to get 
jakarta to recognize anything in there after adding entries to tomcat.conf 
and server.xml.  I'm putting my servlet(s) in WEB-INF/classes and my 
index.html file in the root of the application.  How do I register this in 
the various conf files to get jakarta to regognized it.

The application name is vendor and it is based off the same directory as the 
examples dir.  Maybe the problem lies in and improperly setup web.xml file?  
Anyway, I really want to understand this so I can deploy my applications 
"properly" in the future.


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