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From John Cox <>
Subject jsp question (SEMI-URGENT)
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2000 13:01:31 GMT

I'm having a really stoopid problem with

I've got two contexts: one with basic authorization
called 'mysecurecont'),
the other without (called 'general').

There's a registration page on the site with
a form which is posted to a servlet in the general
context which stores the username / password / form
details in a mySQL dbs and then refers the user to a
..jsp page in the secure context. 
There's also a link from the registration page for
existing users which links to the same jsp page. 
Apache prompts the user to log in alright but then
serves the .jsp as plain text (I suspect that the
request isn't being forwarded to Tomcat)

The servlet writes the POST to the dbs alright but
never redirects to the .jsp -- it ends up timing

In tomcat.conf I've got:

<LocationMatch /mysecurecont/*.jsp>
    SetHandler jserv-servlet

What else do I have to do to get jsp working through
the secure context?

A related question: how can I get the whole site
(static pages and jsp) to work off port 80?
If I edit server.xml so that Tomcat listens to that
port instead of 8080, it ends up serving the static
content too -- apache doesn't do a thing...

PS thanks to everyone for helping me set up the
authorization: in the end I just had to do a
restart(?!?) and it worked fine...


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