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From D.Yutzy <>
Subject Re: JSP okay but Servlets not found
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2000 08:33:09 GMT
I gave up and tried Jrun, reloading worked immediately and without any 
fumbling around for the right combination.  That feature alone has me 
dumping Tomcat.  Reloading on the fly after compile was a BIG reason over 
using DLL's.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Original Message

On 7/13/2000, 10:32:00 AM, Mason Jones <> wrote regarding 
Re: JSP okay but Servlets not found:

> Well, naturally not long after I sent in this question, I managed
> to stumble on the right combination of things. Perhaps I'll try to
> write up what I did and send it out to the list in case other people
> are having similar troubles. The FAQ did help, but I still had to
> experiment with quite a few different combinations of setups
> before I happened on the one that worked. But all's well that
> ends well.

> At 02:04 PM 7/13/00 -0700, Mason Jones wrote:
> >
> >I'm having a fairly simple problem (I expect) getting servlets
> >to run correctly. My JSP pages are running fine -- all of the
> >classes are being found, etc. But I think I'm simply not quite
> >clear on how servlets are found by Tomcat. When I try to
> >access a servlet I get a 404 error. Does anyone out there have
> >a straightforward set of documentation for how to set up a
> >servlet context, edit all the files necessary, and so forth?
> >
> >A related question is whether, given the context from which
> >I'm serving the jsp pages, there's a simple change to use
> >servlets in the same WEB-INF/classes directory? I've got the
> >test servlet defined in the WEB-INF/web.xml file, but that
> >doesn't seem to be enough...
> >
> >Thanks for any help.

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