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From Mike Angel <>
Subject Re: [Including tomcaf.conf using Include directive for Apache]
Date Sat, 15 Jul 2000 10:59:59 GMT
Do you have more than one lines of include statements at the end of
httpd.conf?  What kinds of error are you getting?  I remember when I first
install tomcat, I couldn't get it to work either.  I later found out that
that's because I had installed JServ on the same machine before.  And I forgot
to comment out the include statement for JServ.  I think what happened was
when Apache started, it was trying to load two copies of
ApacheModuleJServ.dll, which is not allow.

Hope it helps,

Jerry Ventura <> wrote:
> I'm trying to do a first time installation of Tomcat with the Apache web
> server. I'm following the instructions in tomcat's
> doc\uguide\tomcat_ug.html.
> One of the instructions requires me to update the apache httpd.conf file as
> such:
> include /tome/tomcat/conf/tomcat.conf 
> The path to my tomcat.conf is different of course. When I place the Include
> directive in my apache httpd.conf file, the Apache web server won't start
> (when I remove the directive, the server starts properly - I'm pretty sure
> the path I'm using is correct, forward slash, quotes, etc)
> I'm running apache version 1.3.12 on NT 4.0 service pack 5.
> A workaround would be to insert the tomcat.conf directives right into the
> httpd.conf, but including the file seems cleaner.
> Has anyone seen this, or can anyone offer any advice?
> Thanks for any help
>  - Jerry

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