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From Andrew Sudell <asud...@Op.Net>
Subject Re: Tomcat on FreeBSD
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2000 23:27:49 GMT
"Retze Santos"
> Has anyone installed Tomcat on FreeBSD?  If so, how did you set it up?
> I have FreeBSD 3.4 with Apache 1.3.9.  The 1.1.8 JDK seems to not work with 
> TomCat 3.1.

I've been running Tomcat on my BSD box.  Don't get enough time to play 
at home (work constraints), so I won't say I've tested it extensively.
But I've been running it and have run the watchdog tests successfully.
I'm still running FreeBSD 3.1, and I've been tracking the head of the
Tomcat development tree -- so there may be a few differences.  But by
and large things have worked without a hitch.

What exactly doesn't work?  Any errors/logs/etc?

    Drew Sudell

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