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From "Rishi N" <>
Subject Repost:Pl. help!!: Identical session IDs in Netscape 4.7, for different sessions
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2000 10:35:58 GMT
Hi people,

sorry for taking up bandwidth, and also apologies for the duplicate post(for 
those of you on both the general and the tomcat-user list), but i'm stuck 
with this problem here. I tried searching the tomcat-user archive for any 
solutions, but couldn't find any. any help will be much, much appreciated.


 >i just noticed a strange behaviour on netscape 4.7 on NT4.0. i'm >trying 
to use the tomcat-generated session ID to identify netscape >browser 
sessions. what i noticed is that the first time i go to my >site, a 
sessionID is generated and sent back as a cookie(by the >session-tracking 
API). now if i open a new browser window, the *same* >sessionID is sent back 
from the browser, and used  by the servlet >engine. so if i use only the 
sessionID to track sessions, there is no >way to distinguish between two 
different users logging in from the >same machine. I guess this netscape 
behaviour is probably due to the >fact that there is only one netscape 
process running, and all the >windows run in various threads of that 
process. Here are my questions:
>1. is there a way to explicitly set the session ID? i believe it is
>currently set and sent automatically by tomcat?
>2. please suggest means of tracking the various sessions. we can probably 
>maintain a compound key of username+sessionID, but we also >have a special 
>case where a user may come to the site, and without >logging in, browse 
>various categories and products, and fill up a >shopping cart. we name all 
>these users as 'public'. in that case, how >would one differentiate between 
>various 'public' users? or do we have >to assume that only one user can 
>ever log in at one time, from a > certain machine?
>this behaviour does not occur with MS Explorer, since it starts a new 
>process for every browser window(except for windows opened from a current 
>windows 'file->new window' menu, in which case the same problem occurs).
>ditto for netscape on solaris.
>i'd appreciate any suggestions, as i'm pretty much at the end of my wits 
>about how to tackle this problem.

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