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From Alex Chaffee <>
Subject Re: Bug Reporting Procedure?
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2000 08:18:28 GMT
On Wed, Jul 05, 2000 at 04:55:53AM -0700, Wyn Easton wrote:
> Thanks Steve,
> I'll make sure that they are using getSession()
> correctly.  But, I'm not sure how we report an offical
> bug on the mailing list.  Does anyone know?
> Thanks.

For now, just send an email to  The
developers reading that list are prety good about tracking them down.
Please follow good bug reporting procedure: include the version,
platform, options, and source code to reproduce the error.

Also, you may want to read the archives of that list (the URL escapes
me at the moment) -- I recall a bug involving absolute and relative
URLs that keeps popping up.  I think it's fixed in the current CVS

Thanks -

  - Alex

Alex Chaffee             
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Founder of Purple Technology
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