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From Ben Kimball <>
Subject Re: Tomcat JSP via reverse proxy?
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2000 16:05:56 GMT
I think I figured out the problem. I should have looked at the error message
a bit more carefully. The Linux/Apache/Tomcat server is behind the
firewall/reverse proxy. The reverse proxy machine is an NT Server, running
IIS _and_ JRun. I finally noticed that the error produced was:

500 Internal Server Error

Live Software is the name of the original maker of JRun. It looks like JRun
on the Reverse Proxy/NT machine is intercepting any calls to .jsp files on
the Apache/Linux machine and attempting to run them on the NT server, which,
of course, cannot find them on the local NT machine, as they are actually
located on the Linux/Apache/Tomcat box. That explains why reverse-proxied
servlets work, but not reverse-proxied .jsps.

Weird. OK, definitely not a problem with Tomcat, but a problem in my reverse
proxy configuration. This one'll be a tricky thing to catch. Anybody have any
ideas how to tell JRun (not Tomcat) to ignore .jsp files in certain
locations, so that the request will get proxied to the Tomcat server instead?

--------- Re: Tomcat JSP via reverse proxy? --------

I have Tomcat running on Apache on an Intranet server. Everything works fine
via the Intranet. However, I have also set up a reverse proxy connection from
an Internet proxy server to get to the Apache server from the Internet.
Servlets work fine, but I get an error when trying to run a JSP via the
reverse proxy. - All these work fine via
the reverse proxy, but are pre-compiled (non-JSP) servlets. - These give me the following
500 Internal Server Error
javax.servlet.ServletException: The page
'/apache/examples/jsp/num/numguess.jsp' does not exist.
Apparently Tomcat is getting confused by the addition of the '/apache'
directory added in by the reverse proxy. (The proxy is set so that anything
with /apache in the URL is reverse-proxied to the Intranet machine)
Any ideas on how to tell Tomcat that this is normal?

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