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From "Darren Lee Deliang" <>
Subject Refresh problem!
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2000 09:43:23 GMT

      I wonder if there is any1 out there who had a similar problem and has 
solved it. I have a web app that retrieves data from my db successfully 
however there is a slight glitch.

      Lets say i retrieve 2 rows of data from my db and displays it on my 
jsp page. but when i click refresh, it displays another set of the initial 2 
rows, making it 4 rows altogther! and so on and so on.

      Can any1 tell me wat should i do instead? I suspect is is becuz of my 
logic. you see, in my jsp page, i call a method in my java bean and wat this 
method does is to create a connection to my db, retrieve the data according 
to my sql AND generate a set of html codes with the data retrieved in it and 
then return those html codes to my jsp page in a String format.

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