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From Christopher Stacy <cst...@spacy.Boston.MA.US>
Subject class loading
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2000 18:01:41 GMT
I have two questions about class loading from my Tomcat servlet.

I have some classes stored under WEB-INF/classes/com/... but now I
want to move them to a different place on my CLASSPATH, outside of
the web-app.  The classes are a substructure that is used by many
of my applications, and I don't want a seperate copy of these class
files for each application.   So, I moved them to "/Java/Classes".
That's on the CLASASPATH, so they are found.


One of those classes uses a ResourceBundle, and apparently those are
found in the class file directory.  For example, it will try to open
the file "/Java/Classes/".  Is there some way
to make it look in the web-app directory instead?  I was sort of
hoping it would look somewhere in "WEB-INF", so that I could share
the class files among applications, but configure them seperately?


My classes use reflection to try to load up another class.  This works
if all the classes are stored in the same place (eg. "WEB-INF/classes").

But I want to put the main classes in "/Java/Classes" and put the
dynamically loaded classes elsewhere ("WEB-INF/classes").
How do I get that to work?


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