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From "Ripalda-Marin, Miguel-Angel" <>
Subject RE: jdbc support..
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2000 07:32:57 GMT
Hi Bill,

I had many problems with my Oracle thin JDBC drivers some days ago... so, I
suppose you've got your JDBC java classes for your DBMS vendor's JDBC
driver... Now you've got to place them in the .../WEB-INF/lib directory of
your web application if you have them ZIPPED or JARED in one file. I f you
have them uncompressed, place the directory tree for that classes in the
.../WEB-INF/classes directory for your web application (see the Servlet 2.2
API document at

And that's all, the java classes of your web application will now bve able
to load the JDBC drivers (hope so... I told you I had many problems, but I
think they are solved in recent releases of Tomcat)... enjoy Tomcat!

I hope it will work...

Miguel Ángel Ripalda Marín 
Siemens Elasa S.A. 
T, I + D Sistemas 
Pol. Malpica, D-98 50016 Zaragoza, España
*	(34) 976 760 300 ext. 405
*	(34) 976 760 346

-----Mensaje original-----
De: $Bill Dossett []
Enviado el: lunes 3 de julio de 2000 18:38
Asunto: jdbc support..


I tried to search the archive for this question as
I'm sure it exists, but couldn't contact the server
and the faqomatic thingy isn't working...  I believe
I have to do something to add JDBC support to
my linux apache tomcat configuration, but I can't
find anything more than one line in the tomcat
userguide about it.. can someone please tell me
how this is done.  The first jsp app that I loaded
fails and I think that's why anyway... extreme newbie
to jdbc tomcat and all.

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