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From "David Knaack" <>
Subject Re: Strange behavior with virtual hosts?
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2000 23:45:58 GMT
From: Rob S. <>
> > So, my questions are, Why is it looking for that path?
> > How to I tell it to look in a different path?
> If you check the tomcat.log file, on startup it logs the Contexts that
> mounting.  It will tell you the Tomcat/JServ mount point and docBase, in
> case you're wondering whether or not its ignoring your settings.
> First of all, I would HIGHLY reccomend upgrading to Tomcat 3.2 beta 1.

Downloaded the 3.2b jakarta-tomcat.tar.gz (they would be easier to keep
straight if they had version numbers included in the name), and
extracted it, replacing my existing version (which I moved elsewhere,
just in case).

I also replaced my with the version I found at

but apache won't load this, tells me it has an invalid ELF header.

I'm running with the old at the moment.

Do I need to compile for my RH6.2 installation myself?
If so, in what file can I find the source?

I don't know if the problem is solved yet, we'll have to
get 'contexts' set back up the way they need to be to check.


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