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From "tb.dinesh" <>
Subject Re: RELOAD!!! not working
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2000 06:08:39 GMT

We did have the same problem.
We removed the "." from the CLASSPATH and/or
also make sure tomcat starts only in tomcat home.
This seemed to help.. however
we have a slightly different problem with reload..

 now tomcat (3.1) stops reloading abruptly after
a while. this is very confusing. when we detect
that we restart tomcat.. and again it reloads for a while.

any clues why this might happen?

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From: Rob S. <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2000 8:00 PM
Subject: RE: RELOAD!!! not working

> Hi,
> > I am having the exact same problem and the WEB-INF/classes is NOT in my
> > CLASSPATH.  I have read this "solution" here many times, but I assure
> > you, it is not.
> >
> > I'm new to Tomcat, I admit, but if there is a file or something I can
> > post to solve this once and for all, please let me know!
> Well, we know two things that can inhibit the desired behaviour:
> 1) Either your WEB-INF/classes or /lib path(s) is/are in the CLASSPATH.
> 2) Neither is in CLASSPATH, but the class exists somewhere else in your
> In addition, I would suggest upgrading to Tomcat 3.2beta2.
> If none of these work, the source code is readily available:
> I'm quite positive I'm *nowhere* near most of the pros on this list, but
> I've gone through it a couple of times when I wasn't sure about certain
> behaviour.  Sure it was time consuming, but I learned a lot about how
> works in the process, AND about the problem I thought was occuring.
> > Otherwise, I'll have to go with another product....
> <Rant disposition="mildly agitated">
> If you have a question, I'll gladly answer it, but you'll pardon me if I
> don't like the tone of the afore-quoted line which closed your email.
> isn't the customer service department of your local Jiffy Lube.  With that
> sort of tone, no one will be in a great hurry to respond to your email.  I
> answer questions like yours in my free time, because I don't have the time
> (and maybe skill?) to actively contribute to the codebase.  For myself,
> only way I can see to promote this freeware container is to help the
> who want to use it.  So please, next time just post a question and not a
> minor threat.
> If you'd like to reply personally, write to
> </Rant>
> I hope that I helped you solve your problem, or at least nudged you in the
> right direction.
> - r

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