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From "Diethelm Guallar, Gonzalo" <>
Subject Tomcat and username/password
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2000 22:10:48 GMT
Sorry if this is not the right forum, I have been 
unable to find information on this topic. 

I would like to have a JSP page served by Tomcat 
force the appearance of a standard User/Password 
dialog on the browser. How is this done? I have 
tried with the examples/jsp/security/protected 
pages provided with Tomcat, but no matter what 
combination of user/password I enter, or how I 
set up tomcat-users.xml, it always goes back to 
the user/password dialog, shows it several times 
and then shows an error page. 

In fact, I'm playing around with ActivCard's smart 
card technologies, and would like to authenticate 
the user via dynamic passwords, but that will be my 
next step. First, I gotta get a regular user/password 
working! Any hints? 

I actually got one response from a guy who said: 
> This whole form-login tomcat stuff seems still under development and 
> still full of BUGS , so I gave up from trying to use it... 
> I experienced same problems as you did ( continuously gettin' login 
> page even with correct password ), and BASIC authentication also 
> doesn't work properly. 
Thanks in advance, 

Gonzalo A. Diethelm 
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