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From "Richard Lindsay" <>
Subject Configuration
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2000 11:02:32 GMT
Hello every one, I am new to TomCat and was a bit overwhelmed when I started
to go threw the configuration files.

I am running mandrake 7.1 on a 233 MHz system with 27 megs of memory.
I have both the latest versions of apache and tomcat.

I am trying to set up a "In-process servlet containers" with Apache

Please bear with me on the following questions if they seem very simplistic.
Linux is still new to me so there are allot of simple things that a veteran
users dose with out even thinking about it that a new user might not have a
clue. Thanks for you patients.

I am assuming that where ever it says


I would change that to

"localserver.apache.tomcat" or would it be  "localserver.tomcat"

Also if any one has some tips for some one just starting to use tomcat that
would be great. I have managed to find all the switches for Apache but have
been unable to find out how to shut it down and to start it up again. If
some one could tell me this that would be great.

Thanks for all you Input.


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