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From "Rob S." <>
Subject RE: Tomcat mount points
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2000 15:59:26 GMT
> a) In httpd.conf you can specify access rights, etc but how
>    do you specify access rights for a ApjServ mount point.
>    I tried the Location directive but it does not work so
>    well.

Access like .htaccess or access like <Directory> and <Location> tags?  Check
the tomcat-generated conf file in $TOMCAT_HOME/conf.  As Craig mentioned, it
tries to set that stuff up for you based on your server.xml each time Tomcat
is started.

> b) How can you specify that the actual mount point must
>    not be root but the jsp sub directory in your web app.
>    I use the following two mount point directives:
>       ApjServMount /ritevalu ajpv12://localhost/root
>       ApjServMount /feature ajpv12://localhost/root

Should be these

>       ApjServMount /ritevalu ajpv12://localhost/ritevalu
>       ApjServMount /feature ajpv12://localhost/feature long as you have Context entries for each in your server.xml.  The way
you change where Tomcat looks for your context information is in the docBase
attribute of the Context element, again in server.xml.  For example:

<Context path="/ritevalu" docBase="/users/ritevalu"
<Context path="/feature" docBase="/pathTo/whatever/youWant"

Sry, friend's machine is down so I can't paste and modify mine =)

When Tomcat gets a request to /ritevalu, it will "send" the user to

- r

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