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From "Archimedes" <>
Subject Hi all.
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2000 19:53:55 GMT
Hello all,

Just joined the Mailing list and though I would drop a note and say hi. I'm
getting pulled into JSP Page development, and figured I might as well
install TomCat on my apache WebServer. I'm running it on my NT Boxes,
because I'm not much of a UNIX guy. Anyway I'm having problems with the
config, but I'm still trying it on my own.

This has however encouraged me to pursue an Idea I've had, which is to setup
a Website that specializes in helping Windows Users Install Software coming
from the UNIX Camp, like Apache, TomCat, PHP, and and and... It's great
Software, but the Documentation is no where near end user ready... Not a
gripe, I know.. the focus is UNIX, but I'm hoping I can help other Windows
users with they're Install sorrows.

Let me know what you think, oh and the main reason I sent this email.... Hi!

Michael L Smith

ALLTEL Information Services
Emerging Technology Solutions
(501) 220-8551
The greatest programming project ever, took 6 days and 6 nights and on the
7th day the programmer rested...
we've been trying to debug the bloody thing ever since

 -----Original Message-----
From: 	Craig R. McClanahan []
Sent:	Wednesday, July 26, 2000 2:40 PM
Subject:	Re: javax.servlet.ServletContext missing two methods wrote:

> I checked the servlet.jar file that comes with Tomcat 3.1. ServletContext
> didn't have those methods.
> I also checked the latest servlet.jar file from the site. The
> same problem.
> I'm using Forte for Java to inspect the contents of the jar files.

That's intriguing.  I got the following results, where
is the directory containing the binary distribution of Tomcat 3.1:

    cd /usr/local/jakarta-tomcat/lib
    jar xvf servlet.jar
    javap -classpath . javax.servlet.ServletContext

returned the following results

    Compiled from
    public interface javax.servlet.ServletContext
        /* ACC_SUPER bit NOT set */
        public abstract java.lang.Object getAttribute(java.lang.String);
        public abstract java.util.Enumeration getAttributeNames();
        public abstract javax.servlet.ServletContext
        public abstract java.lang.String
        public abstract java.util.Enumeration getInitParameterNames();
        public abstract int getMajorVersion();
        public abstract java.lang.String getMimeType(java.lang.String);
        public abstract int getMinorVersion();
        public abstract javax.servlet.RequestDispatcher
        public abstract java.lang.String getRealPath(java.lang.String);
        public abstract javax.servlet.RequestDispatcher
        public abstract getResource(java.lang.String)
        public abstract
        public abstract java.lang.String getServerInfo();
        public abstract javax.servlet.Servlet
getServlet(java.lang.String) throws
        public abstract java.util.Enumeration getServletNames();
        public abstract java.util.Enumeration getServlets();
        public abstract void log(java.lang.Exception, java.lang.String);
        public abstract void log(java.lang.String);
        public abstract void log(java.lang.String, java.lang.Throwable);
        public abstract void removeAttribute(java.lang.String);
        public abstract void setAttribute(java.lang.String,

and the two methods we are discussing are the fourth and fifth ones

What happens when you compile a servlet (against your servlet.jar) that
tries to use
these methods?


> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I wonder if anyone else has noticed the problem with the latest version
> > Java Servlet specification 2.2.
> >
> > If you look at the servlet.jar file (which contains all the standardized
> > interfaces), the interface javax.servlet.ServletContext doesn't define
> > these methods:
> >
> > public java.lang.String getInitParameter(java.lang.String name)
> > public java.util.Enumeration getInitParameterNames()
> >
> > I think they should be defined, because servlet specification 2.2 (page
> and Java Servlet > API documentation (generated by javadoc) do include
> >
> > I wounder if there is some reason why they are not defined.
> >
> Where did you get your "servlet.jar" file from?  The servlet.jar that
comes with
> Tomcat certainly includes these methods.
> >
> > Faustas Zilinskas
> > First Union
> Craig McClanahan

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