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From "Wolfgang Egger" <>
Subject ClassCast - Error
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2000 15:36:39 GMT

we have the following problem with tomcat and would be very happy, if
someone could help us.

If we have any changes at one of many java-classes, so that we have to
recompile it, after that compilation _all_ classes we want to "touch" are
throwing a class - cast - error. We assume that jasper is the thing causing
the error.

The following code-line shows one piece of code that the error is occuring,
but it occures with any other java-class in any other jsp-file too.
==> kunde = (Kunde)

To "solve" the problem we have to restart the server. After the restart this
cast-error doesn't occur.

What we want to have, is that tomcat recognizes that a class has changed and
does some kind of reload, so that there doesn*t occur any casting errors at
this point. Is that possible??

tomcat is runing on redhat 6.0

Thanx in advance and have a nice day

     Wolfgang Egger

Synemedia Productions
Hildegardstr. 28 | 10715 Berlin, Germany | Tel: +49(0)30-862 23 80
mail: | www:

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