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From "Rob S." <>
Subject RE: HELP: Stack trace in browser - how?
Date Sat, 08 Jul 2000 18:02:24 GMT
> I'm not sure where they were disabled either, but I know it was done
> for security reasons.  Stack traces reveal information about your
> internal config that may be exploitable.  Instead, you need to check
> the logs.
> Personally, I think this should be an option -- it's really convenient
> to see errors on the page, and as long as you can disable it for a
> live site -- but I haven't felt strongly enough about it to write a
> patch :-)

I never knew it would happen, because w/JServ you always "tail -f"'ed the
log and it was kind of a pain.

The first thing I thought when the stack popped up was "COOL!" and the
second thing I thought was, "yeah but wait a minute..." =)  I immediately
assumed there was an option, but because I won't be going live for so long,
I put off looking into it.

Where would this go?  In server.xml?

- r

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