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From Kenneth R. Kress <>
Subject Session lessons learned
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2000 04:30:50 GMT
I just upgraded to 3.2b and found the following problems in 
code that worked just fine with 3.1:

session = request.getSession(true); // old behavior preserved existing session state
session.invalidate();  // old behavior cleared the session's state

session = request.getSession(false); // preserves existing session state
session = request.getSession(true); // clear's the session's state
session.invalidate(); // generates an exception:  
  session = request.getSession(true);
  session = request.getSession();
generates this: 
  java.lang.IllegalStateException: setAttribute: Session already invalidated

Once I figured this out through trial and error (hours), I grepped through
my code and made the changes.

If this is not the correct interpretation or the correct final behavior, I'd appreciate
a head's up. I want to do the correct thing going forward. (RH6.1, jdk1.2.2RC4)



P.S. I'm noticing that the JSP and servlet compilation time feels "much" slower
than 3.1 the first time a page is accessed. Has anyone else noticed this?

Kenneth R. Kress                      

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