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From "Rob S." <>
Subject RE: document root and includes
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2000 00:09:55 GMT
> You were right. The docBase is where the absolute path starts out at.
> Unfortunately, my code would like to start out at webapps -- it
> has /gist as
> the beginning of the path and my .jsp's are in the /gist directory under
> webapps. The solution is to put a gist directory under my webapps/gist
> directory so that /gist/templates/header.jsp maps to
> webapps/gist/gist/templates/header.jsp This works, but seems really ugly.

Why does it seem ugly?  It's all behind-the-scenes Tomcat stuff.  That or
remove the /gist from your includes and bump everything up one ;)

> Anybody have any ideas on how to get my jsp's includes referenced by
> absolute paths to start at webapps instead of the context under
> it (gist in
> this case)??

You could set docBase to "webapps/" but that seems like a bad scene.  The
other contexts in that directory would be accessible from your context.

- r

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