I'm currently setting up a small webserver using Red Hat Linux 6.1 (which comes with its own version of Apache 1.3.9) and Tomcat 3.1.  I would like to host several small to medium traffic JSP/servlets enabled sites, using Apache name based virtual hosting, and Tomcat 3.1.  Reading through the "Minimalistic User's Guide" I can see that the Tomcat approach is a bit different to jserv - each virtual host communicates via ajpv12 using a dedicated port to a dedicated JVM.  The text then admits that this is a "huge scalability question".
Does anyone have any experience with how much RAM should be specified per virtual host / JVM using Tomcat 3.1 ?  Currently I am using an HP Brio 400 Microtower, with a Celeron 500, 9GB disk and 64 MB RAM.  I really need to know whether expecting to host about 5 Tomcat 3.1 based sites on such a machine is sensible.
Also, I'd be interested to know whether anyone has any experience of a sensible initial heap size for each JVM.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Paul Delhanty
Syntuition Ltd
United Kingdom