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From "Stephen Weiss" <>
Subject Re: JSP Newbie Q: mySQL & Tomcat/Jakarta
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2000 19:29:49 GMT
Probably the only thing you *need* is a JDBC driver, one is available here:  (there may be others too, but I've been using this

You could come up with a number of architectures:

  JSP -> JDBC -> database
  JSP -> servlet -> JDBC -> database
  JSP -> servlet -> RMI server -> JDBC -> database

to name a few. In any case, it's good to use some sort of connection pooling so that db connections
can be re-used. You can write your own or find one on the internet.


Stephen A. Weiss       Association of American Medical Colleges

>>> 06/01/00 12:48PM >>>
I'm looking to use Tomcat to serve jsp pages that interact with a 
mySQL database. What is a sample configuration? Do I need middle 
layers of software/drivers to interact between the two?

Thank you to anyone who can shed a little light on the overall setup?


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