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From Dave Harms <>
Subject Re: Best way to speed up tomcat?
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2000 10:21:51 GMT

> > Well, a large IBm ES/390 running the current VM/ESA and a sqillion virtual
> > Linux boxes with IBM JDK 118 or 1.3 would take some beating. 
> Hm, this sounds really interesting. But maybe this is a little bit to much.

There's a very interesting article in the June issue of Linux Journal, p. 52, 
which discusses running Linux on a 390. And a P/390 isn't particularly 
expensive. I think you want to wait just a bit for the technology to mature, 
but I'm giving some serious thought to leasing a P/390 down the road. Wouldn't 
be much more expensive than a handful of nice Linux boxes, from what I can 


Dave Harms

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