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From Volker Turau <>
Subject Re: Tomcat using port 0 -- tomcat.log
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2000 15:27:02 GMT

Here is my server.xml file. ~
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

    <!-- Debug low-level events in XmlMapper startup -->
    <xmlmapper:debug level="0" />

    <!-- This is quite flexible; we can either have a log file per
         module in Tomcat (example: ContextManager) or we can have
         one for Servlets and one for Jasper, or we can just have
	 one tomcat.log for both Servlet and Jasper.

	 If you omit "path" there, then stderr should be used.

	 verbosityLevel values can be: 

    <Logger name="tc_log" 
            customOutput="yes" />

    <Logger name="servlet_log" 
            customOutput="yes" />

    <Logger name="JASPER_LOG" 
            verbosityLevel = "INFORMATION" />

    <!-- Add "home" attribute if you want tomcat to be based on a different directory
         "home" is used to create work and to read webapps, but not for libs or CLASSPATH.
         Note that TOMCAT_HOME is where tomcat is installed, while ContextManager home is
         base directory for contexts, webapps/ and work/
    <ContextManager debug="0" workDir="work" port="8007">

 <Context path="" docBase="webapps/ROOT" debug="0" reloadable="true" > 

 <Context path="/buch" docBase="webapps/buch" debug="0" reloadable="false" > 

 <Context path="/db2xml" docBase="webapps/db2xml" debug="0" reloadable="true" > 

        <!-- ContextInterceptor className="org.apache.tomcat.context.LogEvents" / -->
        <!-- ContextInterceptor className="org.apache.tomcat.context.AutoSetup" / -->
        <ContextInterceptor className="org.apache.tomcat.context.DefaultCMSetter" />
        <ContextInterceptor className="org.apache.tomcat.context.WorkDirInterceptor" />
        <ContextInterceptor className="org.apache.tomcat.context.WebXmlReader" />
        <ContextInterceptor className="org.apache.tomcat.context.LoadOnStartupInterceptor"
        <!-- Request processing -->
        <RequestInterceptor className="org.apache.tomcat.request.SimpleMapper" debug="0"
        <RequestInterceptor className="org.apache.tomcat.request.SessionInterceptor" />
        <RequestInterceptor className="org.apache.tomcat.request.SecurityCheck" />
        <RequestInterceptor className="org.apache.tomcat.request.FixHeaders" />

        <Connector className="org.apache.tomcat.service.SimpleTcpConnector">
            <Parameter name="handler" value="org.apache.tomcat.service.connector.Ajp12ConnectionHandler"/>
            <Parameter name="port" value="8007"/>


I start tomcat from an shell script starting apache using

/bin/su webuser -c "$TOMCAT_HOME/bin/" -s /bin/sh

Any ideas?

volker turau
FH Wiesbaden Fachbereich Informatik 
Tel.: +49-611-9495-205 FAX +49-611-9495-210

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