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From "Samy, Easwar" <>
Subject New tomcat user: Setup question
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2000 17:40:03 GMT
Hi All,

I'm trying to get started using tomcat 3.1 with Apache 1.3.12, but am having
a horrible time getting these to work together.  Here is my config:

OS:		Win NT 4.0
Java:		JDK 1.2.2 EE
Apache:	1.3.12
Tomcat:		3.1

I followed the config instructions from Tomcat's userguide.  After the
setup, I am unable to get tomcat to serve up any JSP pages.  I get 'internal
error 500' accessing these pages through IE5.  mod_jserv.log file in Apache,
has the following entries:

[12/06/2000 17:41:07:977] (EMERGENCY) ajp12: can not connect to host
[12/06/2000 17:41:07:977] (EMERGENCY) ajp12: connection fail
[12/06/2000 17:41:07:977] (ERROR) an error returned handling request via
protocol "ajpv12"

I may be missing something here.  Any help on setting up will be greatly



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