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From "Bolton, Ian H" <>
Subject Authentication Problem
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2000 12:33:47 GMT
I am struggling to run the "out of the box" authentication example with
Tomcat 3.1.

If I try URL /examples/jsp/security/protected/index.jsp the browser
correctly asks me for a username and password, as defined in the
conf/tomcat-users.xml file.  After this is entered, I then get a 404 file
not found error.

Interestingly if I try URL /examples/jsp/security/protected, I am prompted
for username password but this time I get a directory listing corresponding
to URL /examples.

Is user authentication too new to try with Tomcat?

Has anyone else had problems?
One issue may be I am using JDK 1.3 (on NT4) and IE4 browser.  But I've had
no other problems.

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