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From Steve Conover <>
Subject jsp config problem w/ tomcat 3.1
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2000 18:31:30 GMT
hi everyone,

I've scoured the internet for an answer to my jsp config problem, to no
avail.  This has probably been answered before, but I couldn't find an
archive for this list, so here goes:

The jsps provided in the example directories work just fine.  I can't get
jsps in other directories to run, now matter how I fiddle with
tomcat-apache.conf (yes I am including it in httpd.conf).  Here's my

apache 1.3.12
tomcat 3.1

Like I said, all the example jsps and servlets work.  Jsps outside of the
example directories do not, despite following the config instructions for
tomcat-apache.conf specified in the tomcat config docs.

I installed Jrun 2.3 and all my jsps run fine.  I'd like to get tomcat
working too though...

I found a posting on usenet that appears to be the same problem:

Subject: Re: Apache, Jakarta-Tomcat... 
Date: 2000/06/06 
Author: Ray Bellis < <>>

"Eric" <> wrote in message
> I apologize for the total newbie question...
> I've recently added Jakarta-Tomcat to my RedHat/Apache setup, so as to
> be able to handle JSP.  Configuration was managable, and I was able to
> get things working, but with one major issue:
> It seems that Tomcat is only processing JSP files if they are in the
> directories that were created as part of the Tomcat install, and I can
> not figure out how to enable processing of JSP in my standard Apache
> web root directory.
> Any comments?  Thanks

I have the same problem and I'm *not* a total newbie :-(

I also need to enable JSP's (and Cocoon for .XML) within my users'
directories without having to create individual "web application"
contexts, and without using Tomcat's own HTTP server.

I have this working fine under Apache JServ 1.1.x, but if Tomcat
can't handle the same configuration then I'm afraid for me it's
next to useless :-(

Any help very much appreciated


Steve Conover
111 Sutter, Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 94104-4504
Phone (415) 277-7015
Fax (415) 277-7077

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