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From Wes Mckean <>
Subject RE: mod_rewrite - virtual vs. static files.
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2000 16:33:53 GMT
Hi Bob,

Check out the USER GUIDE which comes with Tomcat.  It provides complete
instructions on how to do what you are trying to do, and I have successfully
been working with this setup for over a month now...


-----Original Message-----
From: Bob Byron []
Sent: Friday, June 30, 2000 12:20 PM
To: tomcat-user
Subject: mod_rewrite - virtual vs. static files.

I have seen this question asked before, but I have not seen a good example
getting it to work.

I would like Apache to handle all static files, mostly all of the gif's and 
jpg's.  But, I want to redirect jsp files only to Tomcat.  I don't want to 
make any distingushing path names, only redirect based on extension.  That
I want to be directed to tomcat, and all of 
the gif and jpg files that are simply referenced on the jsp page as 
'pic1.gif', 'pic2.gif', etc. to be retrieved by Apache (not tomcat) from the

images directory.  Or any html files to be retrieved by Apache.

In other words I want:
+ MyWebApp
  +-- WEB-INF
  +-- META-INF
  +-- images    Served by Apache
  +-- html      Served by Apache
  +-- jsp       Served by Tomcat
  +-- servlets  Served by Tomcat

I figured I could use mod_rewrite to change the to  I 
don't want the user to ever see that I have modified the name he entered to 
include the '/jsp' in the path.

Any suggestions?  I am hoping someone has layed a complete howto on this
of scenario.

Bob Byron

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