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From Kevin Grauer <>
Subject RE: Question. IIS 4 with TomCat
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2000 16:54:10 GMT
Thanx for the response.

Im new to all of this and attempting to get TomCat running on IIS 4 to prove
a point to upper management.

I didn't know jdk1.3 needed to be installed then in the instructions I
didn't see adding
JAVA_HOME=D:\jkd1.3 or D:\jkd1.3\bin in the path. I think Im Ok now.

Where is a place to start for me for info or a book?

What does anyone think of Forte from sun.
Im no programmer and I like interfaces. Know of a better one than Forte

Once again Thanx

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From: Gal Shachor []
Sent: Monday, June 05, 2000 4:26 AM
Subject: Re: Question. IIS 4 with TomCat

Can you please tell what are the error messages that you get to the
browser and
send me the isapi log file?

Did you create the jakarta virtual directory and made it point to the

	Gal Shachor

KJG wrote:
> NT 4.0, IIS4 and TomCat only loaded on this machine
> I have IIS up and running  with ASP and server extensions
> I followed the TomCat IIS HowTo and the redirector seams to be installed
> correctly with the up arrow
> Gone through the Old Posts and found nothing new to look at on my end that
> haven't tried.
> I have left the or the default
> they were not edited.
> I added TOMCAT_HOME d:\tomcat
> I tried starting using tomcat start and startup from my d:\tomcat\bin they
> seam to start the script
> Still cant run any of the JSP and I really cant see the servelets are
> what they are suppose to do either.
> Calling them from another PC is how Im
> getting their to the NT 4.0 IIS virtual dir I created.
> I downloaded but in looking at this file it doesn't
> to be what I need.
> I did unzip it and added JAVA_HOME=d:\jdk.1.3 as a user variable to NT
> Do I need something else?
> Im ready to del all I have done to IIS 4 and leave it as is and download
> apache
> and see if IIS and apache can coexist and setup TomCat on apache.
> Any other thoughts... Please if you have the time..
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