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From "Bedell, Kevin" <>
Subject RE: failing the test
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2000 14:54:54 GMT
It may help to make sure your doesn't have to go through the logic
to "guess" the TOMCAT_HOME. This can be gotten around in several ways. 

The first and most direct is to edit the file directly and insert
a line similar to "TOMCAT_HOME=/usr/local/tomcat" at the top of the file (of
course the path should point to the Tomcat home on your machine).

The second way is to create a .tomcatrc in the same directory as
Then put the TOMCAT_HOME= command in that file. The .tomcatrc file is read
by when it first launches (if the file exists).

The third is to put the command directly in your .login for the user you are
loggin in as. 

I set mine the first way I described, though using the .tomcatrc approach is
probably the cleanest way.

This should simplify the processing inside and may avoid errors.

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> From: Ronald Warner []
> Sent: Monday, June 19, 2000 2:00 AM
> To:
> Subject: failing the test
> This is a repost -- thanks.
> I do the following to perform a test on the tomcat server:
> clean;
> bin/ ant -buildfile conf/test-tomcat.xml	
> However, I get the following error:
> -----------
> Guessing TOMCAT_HOME from to bin/..
> Setting TOMCAT_HOME to bin/..
> Buildfile: conf/test-tomcat.xml
> conf/test-tomcat.xml:1: Unexpected attribute "init"
> -------------
> I have the following installed on a rh6.2 linux box:
> jakarta-tomcat.tar.gz
> Java API for XML Parsing 1.0.1 
> Sun JDK 1.3
> When I set my browser to the server:8080, I see the page.  Should I
> worry about the failed test.
> Thanks in advance
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