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From "Bedell, Kevin" <>
Subject RE: ApJServMount problem?
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2000 20:38:09 GMT
I've run into this as well - not sure if it's a problem or feature ;)

I believe the problem is as follows:

the Jserv tag ApJServMount is defined for jserv (not tomcat) as:

ApJServMount /<apache path>     /<zone>

where <zone> is defined in the .conf files in the jserv setup (not in
Tomcat). There is no "zone" equivalent (that I can find) in Tomcat. 

However, I've setup working systems using the following:

ApJservMount 	/examples 		ajpv12://localhost:8007/examples 

This instructs Apache to route the servlet to Tomcat via the ajpv12
protocol. The port number (8007 here) should match the port that Tomcat is
launched on (can be found in your server.xml).

Hope this helps!


-----Original Message-----
From: Yamamoto Hirotaka []
Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2000 4:02 AM
Subject: ApJServMount problem?


I am using tomcat-3.1 with apache-1.3.12 but having
a problem (or question since I could not find enough
documentation) aout ApJServMount declarative.

As the sample configurations implies, the ApJServMount
should take 2 arguments, which I guess means,

ApJServMount /<apache path>     /<context path>

However, the second argument does in fact no effect!
The following 2 lines works exactly the same :<

ApJServMount /example           /root
ApJServMount /example           /example

Also, I have 2 more questions.  First, tomcat generates
automatically a config file for apache that includes
lines like this:

ApJServMount /example/servlet   /example

But what this should have mean?  Accessing /example/servlet
simply causes file not found error...

Another question, what is the meaning of keyword `default'
in lines like below?

ApJServMount default            /root

Thanks in advance!

# BTW, what I DO need is good documentation; is there any?

Hirotaka Yamamoto <>, <>

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