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From "Albert James" <>
Subject javax.servlet.ServletException: Cannot create bean of class com
Date Sat, 24 Jun 2000 01:32:25 GMT


First, thanks to all for a great server.  I am having the following two
annoyances that I am hoping are easily resolvable if someone can point me in the
right direction:

1) I am getting the above error whenever I recompile an existing bean class
in/under the WEB-INF/classes directory.  Restarting the server causes the error
to go away.  The class file in question is a standard (barebones) one.
Auto-reloading of class files is enabled (as per default).  We are not jarring
everything up yet, within classes there is a com/ tree.  Will jar before going
into production.

2) When the server is restarted, I get an error if an already-compiled (in the
work dir) JSP tries to use a bean/taglib.   I don't remember the exact error as
I was able to workaround it by adding the following to (before stop
and start): "rm -r /usr/local/tomcat/work/*".  Without the above line, the error
would occur, and either removing the class file from work or simply re-saving
the JSP would cause the error to go away.  The workaround works fine, but is
annoying.  If necessary I will remove the workaround to produce the exact error.

We're running Running RH Linux 6.2, JDK 1.2.2 (Blackdown), Apache 1.3.12, Tomcat
3.1 (GA).

Any hints?  Again, its a great product, these are the only two glitches that I
haven't been able to solve thus far.

Kind Regards,

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