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From H.vanderLin...@MI.UNIMAAS.NL
Subject servlet cannot find depending JAR file
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2000 12:23:51 GMT

if this is not the correct place, please tell me where I should post this


1. I've developed some XML + XSL files using saxon by Michael Kay. This
2. I've developed a simple JSP that sends these files in the correct format
to Michael's SaxonServlet. I've used
Tomcat with the Sun JDK 1.2.2 on a Windows 98 PC. This works too.
3. I have a Redhat 6.2 Linux machine (Intel platform) installed with Apache
and Tomcat running.
4. Apache correctly handles my standard HTML files.
5. Tomcat correctly handles all example JSP's and example servlets.
6. Tomcat also correctly handles a simple JSP I wrote myself (and put in the
examples directory).

My JSP (step 2) starts the SaxonServlet, but that one finishes with
'NoClassDefFound' org/icl/saxon/<somefunction>. This is stored in saxon.jar
which I added to the jakarta-tomcat/lib directory. Saxon.jar
also shows up in the classpath displayed by of tomcat. Saxon.jar
depends on a file called '' file which should be in
a directory on the classpath. So I put it in a separate directory under lib
(jakarta-tomcat/lib/test) which I added to the classpath.

When I call the SaxonServlet with parameters right from the 'commandline' of
my browser (IE5) I get the same error.

According to Michael Kay the problem is in the classpath. So, can anyone
tell me where I should store the saxon.jar file?

Thanks in advance.


Helma van der Linden
Medical Informatics 

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