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From Luc Saint-Elie <>
Subject Re: Problems viewing jsp files
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2000 05:50:02 GMT

JSP as Servlet or EJB are Java server side technologies.. server side means 
that the server does the job, you can't see a JSP file (except if you just 
want to edit its content, and in this case we are not in a Web concept but 
in a classical development context).

To access these file and make Tomcat do its job, the steps are really 
difficult :-)))

1) Install Tomcat (just unzip it if you are under Windows
2) go to the "bin" directory
3) If you are under Windows right click on the bat files and in the 
"memory" tab change "auto" to 4096
4) double-click on "start" (surprising no ?)
5) fire your browser and do http://localhost:8080

Very hard in fact :-))

Hope this helps

Ho I forgot

6) read the docs :-))

Bonjour (Hello) Darren Lee Deliang, vous avez écrit le (you wrote on) 13:05 
05/06/00 +0000 :
>I have tomcat 3.1 and java 2 jdk 1.3 installed.
>First I should start Tomcat up right, then I tried to access the jsp file 
>from Internet Explorer but the jsp did not work properly. Cant be my logic 
>problem as the jsp file is a given example from Tomcat (numguess).
>Izzit that i should type in http://..... instead of double clicking on the 
>jsp file? and what is the exact way to do it? i know it is like 
>http://localhost.... or something like that. Pls help me

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